5 Reasons Why Marketing Teams Should Be Using Webflow

Will Stogdale
Will Stogdale
April 19, 2021

Hands up if you've ever thought to yourself, "I wish I could create a landing page or website in 5 minutes"? If so, then you're not alone. Webflow is the perfect tool for marketing teams because it's a fantastic platform that allows you to design and publish high-quality websites without any coding knowledge. We'll explore five reasons why marketing teams should be using Webflow today!

1) Bring your website in-house. 

If your part of a marketing team, you will know how frustrating it is to get an external developer to make any changes to your website. With Webflow, it allows marketers to create, manage and publish websites without any coding skills. Its easy-to-use drag and drop interface makes it possible for even the most non-technical person to build an attractive website with ease.

2) Your Webflow agency can create a bespoke design system. 

Suppose your marketing team wants to build pages quickly. In that case, you can get your Webflow Agency to set up a bespoke design system.  Webflow symbols allow you to create building blocks that enabling you to quickly create new pages without ever needing your expensive, slow developers. 

3) Take back complete brand control. 

Making changes to your brand has never been easier with Webflow. Webflow can complete the ability to make changes to text, images and buttons in minutes rather than hours and days. 

4) Create new landing pages with ease for PPC and paid social campaigns.

With Webflow, launching new Landing pages has never been easier. Webflow allows marketers to take back control of their website by giving them the power to launch and edit new landing pages based on templates your designer creates. Changing everything from copy and SEO markup to recurring elements like customer testimonials without breaking the original design.

5) A/B testing with Webflow. 

If you're looking for a way to run A/B testing on your site, then Webflow is the answer. It's easy and intuitive enough that even someone who has never done it before can set up an experiment in under five minutes, thanks to Google Optimize integration!