Martech Series Launch Party: Alex Diaz of Webflow & Pete Lumber of 137Gin

Will Stogdale
Will Stogdale
November 2, 2021

Now more than ever, the marketing environment is moving faster and faster.

Requiring smart marketers to be agile in their campaign planning, management and rollouts. How often have you found yourself waiting on other departments to make the changes or approvals that could be managed by you or your team?

It's with this in mind that Boost Design announces the launch of a new and exciting program that dives into the simplicity of martech.

This series will focus on a variety of  technologies and agile processes  that are emerging out of the no code and low code movement. Whether it's to do with web development, design, social or elements of automation, we will aim to examine them all. 

You should consider attending one of our Simplicity in Martech events if you are:

  • A mid to senior level marketer
  • Designer
  • Brand manager
  • or even a customer success manager that has deployment responsibilities. 

In our first installment and launch event we will bring in Alex Diaz, Senior Product Marketing Manager from Webflow.

He’ll speak on empowering marketers to be more creative and less bogged down in processes. As many of you know, we are a webflow professional partner and that means we’ve helped countless small and medium sized businesses with their web design and development needs. Thinking bigger than just our own agency, we will share examples from enterprise companies that will help you understand the possibilities of using webflow in your company.  

Chances are you didn’t take on a marketing role to miss out on all the fun. Neither did we!

Our launch party is going to be popping with the one and only Pete Lumber, Master Distiller from the award winning 137Gin. He’ll spend an hour walking through a curated mixology event that is bound to quench your thirst and introduce you to a whole new world of independently distilled spirits. We chose to work with Pete and his team because we wanted to bring you a premier experience to remember.

So make sure to tune in, grab your launch party tickets so you can enjoy our mixology event with the awesome 137Gin team.  Learn, have some fun and make a difference all in one evening!

Get your tickets here: